In 1322, an independent irrigation company was established to develop the country's irrigation affairs. With the establishment of the Ministry of Water and Electricity in 1342, the irrigation company was placed under the auspices of this ministry. In Lorestan province, in the city of Selseleh (Aleshtar), farmers who used mirages and the traditional water distribution network had disputes over the distribution and distribution of agricultural water, which were prevented by the middle father of the elders of the region and the use of local mirabs. .
In 1346, there was a severe dispute between the farmers of Selseh due to water shortage. With several complaints to high officials, a team from the General Directorate of Western Irrigation based in Kermanshah left for the area and used several local mirabs to monitor the water distribution. For each hectare, they received 150 Rials as a supervision fee. With the defiance of the General Director of West Irrigation from Aleshtar, they stated that if you receive 30,000 Tomans, an irrigation office will be established in Aleshtar. The price was started and 45,000 Tomans were received by setting up in the villages on time in Aleshtar an irrigation office was established according to the regulations of the Independent Irrigation Company. 7 people called the owners' board to supervise the irrigation affairs and the amount of 150 Rials per hectare of monitoring fee (or water price) was determined by this board. From the mentioned receipts, 300 Tomans were paid for the employees, 150 Tomans for the Mirab, and 210 Tomans for the collection agent.
After that, irrigation offices of Noorabad, Boroujerd, Khorramabad, and other subordinate parts were established. In 1347, the Independent Irrigation Company was dissolved and the irrigation departments of the western provinces became part of the General Directorate of Western Irrigation under the Ministry of Water and Electricity.
Lorestan, Hamedan, Ilam, and Kermanshah provinces of Kurdistan under the supervision of the General Directorate of West Irrigation in the center of Kermanshah. Irrigation was renamed.
Before the victory of the revolution, the duties of irrigation areas were only the distribution and distribution of water and the collection of agricultural water. After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution, tasks such as repairing and rebuilding traditional streams, constructing diversion dams, and 1st and 2nd-degree irrigation canals were included in the job descriptions of the mentioned areas and continued their activities under the name of Provincial Water Affairs under the West Regional Water Company in Kermanshah. From the respected retired Mostafa Faizan).
In 1993, the water affairs departments of the western provinces of the country were upgraded to the General Directorate of Water Affairs. The ministers arrived and announced their existence in August 2006 by appointing the members of the board of directors and the managing director under the new title (Lorestan Regional Water Joint Stock Company) and based on the description of duties stated in the articles of association, it is still providing services in the water sector.



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